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Such an exciting time!!

It has been quite a year for us here at The Design Studio!  We started off the year an interior design firm with a retail store, and are ending the year in a brand new studio (in a beautiful cottage at the beach) without the retail store.
We want to thank all of our wonderful friends and clients for hanging in there with us while we underwent many changes.  We have redesigned a beautiful little cottage in south Jacksonville Beach into a fully functional, incredibly chic design studio. The new address is, 317 St. Augustine Blvd. Jacksonville Beach, Fl 32250.  The following is a link to our Facebook page that has pictures of the new space:

2016 will be the Year of The Design Studio!  We have several incredible projects that we are currently working on, including our brand new Pinterest page!  This allows us to showcase not only pics of projects we have designed, but our unique and fabulous style that we bring to the North Florida marketplace.  On our page,, we show Projects we CREATED, Things we LOVE, Things that INSPIRE, TRENDS for 2016.  We encourage you to follow us on Pinterest and see all the beautiful things we create and love, that inspire us and guide us into 2016.

We are dedicated to letting our friends, family and clients know what we are up to!  That being said, we will post to our blog each month, our Facebook page weekly, our Constant Contact email list monthly and our Pinterest page weekly!   If you have any questions or would like to come by and see our new space, please do! 

We wish you all a safe, productive and prosperous new year!  

The WOW factor!

I have a ‘rule’ that I keep in mind whenever I design a room.  Don’t place too many ‘wows’ in one space. When I think of the Palace of Versailles, is it just me, or is it way over the top? Don’t get me wrong, it is genius, decadent, beautiful, glamorous, way ahead of it’s time, but everywhere you look there is another ‘WOW’! I just can’t process them all, and can’t remember any detail except for maybe The Hall of Mirrors. Now, the Sistine Chapel on the other hand, got it right. Clearly, the ceiling is it’s ‘wow’ factor. You don’t even really notice the pews, the flooring, etc. And everything is beautiful, but you are immediately captured by the masterpiece and even get lost in the story… And for me, I wonder ‘How in the world did Michelangelo paint that on his back?’. 

I believe you should love every single detail that you choose, but in context. Do you have to make the same impact in the crown molding as your chandelier? What is going to be the first thing you see, or more importantly, what is the first thing you want everyone to see? If the fabrics on your window treatments are out of this world, then go easy on the sofa fabric. Your eye has to rest and re-charge for the next amazing thing, maybe the paint finish, area rug, or fabulous painting. Learn restraint, but don’t be safe either. If everything is spectacular, then nothing is special. 

Now tell us… What’s your ‘wow’ factor?

Hello, Fall!

I don’t know where you are, but here in Jacksonville Beach, the weather is absolutely perfect. Sunny, a slight cool breeze, it’s gorgeous. Fall here feels almost like spring. I always want to clean and freshen up the house. It only takes a few pieces to get a whole new look. Change your pillows, move your accessories around, buy something that makes you happy and display it in a focal point, buy a new mirror or piece of art and actually set your table. We are about to enter the holiday season and a fresh look will inspire you to have friends and family over, prepare a new recipe and enjoy the most important things in life. Open a bottle and make a toast to the things you are grateful for, maybe this year, before Thanksgiving dinner!

Stop by The Design Studio and enjoy 30% off of one item for visiting our Blog… Maybe you’ll find your ‘happy piece’! We look forward to seeing you.