The WOW factor!

I have a ‘rule’ that I keep in mind whenever I design a room.  Don’t place too many ‘wows’ in one space. When I think of the Palace of Versailles, is it just me, or is it way over the top? Don’t get me wrong, it is genius, decadent, beautiful, glamorous, way ahead of it’s time, but everywhere you look there is another ‘WOW’! I just can’t process them all, and can’t remember any detail except for maybe The Hall of Mirrors. Now, the Sistine Chapel on the other hand, got it right. Clearly, the ceiling is it’s ‘wow’ factor. You don’t even really notice the pews, the flooring, etc. And everything is beautiful, but you are immediately captured by the masterpiece and even get lost in the story… And for me, I wonder ‘How in the world did Michelangelo paint that on his back?’. 

I believe you should love every single detail that you choose, but in context. Do you have to make the same impact in the crown molding as your chandelier? What is going to be the first thing you see, or more importantly, what is the first thing you want everyone to see? If the fabrics on your window treatments are out of this world, then go easy on the sofa fabric. Your eye has to rest and re-charge for the next amazing thing, maybe the paint finish, area rug, or fabulous painting. Learn restraint, but don’t be safe either. If everything is spectacular, then nothing is special. 

Now tell us… What’s your ‘wow’ factor?