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Such an exciting time!!

It has been quite a year for us here at The Design Studio!  We started off the year an interior design firm with a retail store, and are ending the year in a brand new studio (in a beautiful cottage at the beach) without the retail store.We want to thank all of our wonderful friends…

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The WOW factor!

I have a ‘rule’ that I keep in mind whenever I design a room.  Don’t place too many ‘wows’ in one space. When I think of the Palace of Versailles, is it just me, or is it way over the top? Don’t get me wrong, it is genius, decadent, beautiful, glamorous, way ahead of it’s…

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Hello, Fall!

I don’t know where you are, but here in Jacksonville Beach, the weather is absolutely perfect. Sunny, a slight cool breeze, it’s gorgeous. Fall here feels almost like spring. I always want to clean and freshen up the house. It only takes a few pieces to get a whole new look. Change your pillows, move…

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